About Me

The Ojibwe word for bread is animate. That sandwhich you ate? It felt every bite. Shame on you.

My name is Dennis E. Staples, aspiring SciFi/Fantasy author and full-time goofball. For the past four years, I’ve attended Bemidji State University and will graduate with a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing.

My preferred genre is epic fantasy, both reading and writing. If there’s a created world, my interest is piqued. If there’s a ConLang, even better. My SciFi interests are sporadic, and usually more focused on characters than “hard SF.” (Something like A Song for Lya will probably hold my interest more than I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream).

I hope to do some light, fun reviews of classics of the genre and some new stories. Ultimate goal, make at least one sale to one of the Bigs.

You ate another sandwich. It can’t scream either.


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